Hello! Welcome! Hi! Of all the corners on the internet to explore, you've found the one, official, actual form to request Sam Killermann to speak or perform for you and your people.

Is this what you were looking for?
Yep! Let's get to it.
What's your first name?

And your last name?

Okay, {{answer_q5dtlRwKKwaA}}, before we go any further, we just want to say four quick things.

1) Sam has about fifty different websites where people might reach out to ask him to do something.

B. He gets asked to do a lot of very different things (e.g., keynoting conferences, doing comedy shows on college campuses, telling stories to 6th graders, facilitating social justice retreats).

III: keeping track of all the different requests, across all the different sites, is tough. So this form is meant to be the One Form to Rule Them All.

Fourthly and finally, do your best to make this form work for whatever you're looking for from Sam. No questions are required, but they're all really helpful for us.

Answer everything in the spirit that makes the most sense for your specific case.
Phone number?

What's the name of your organization / institution / event?

And what's your role there, {{answer_q5dtlRwKKwaA}}?

Great. Thanks, {{answer_q5dtlRwKKwaA}}, that's all we need about you. Now let's figure out what you need from Sam.

What are your goals for Sam's involvement?

What will Sam's role be at your event?

Select the option(s) that best describes the mode of interaction with the audience

What topic(s) are you looking for Sam to address?

Can you give us some more details or clarifying notes about Sam's role?

How much time do you have for Sam's part of your event?

(i.e., how many total minutes do you have – including introductions and other housekeeping – for what you're looking for him to do?)
Sam is known for his ability to use humor to make serious material approachable. How funny are you hoping Sam will be?

Do you want Sam to do Q&A?

Do you want Sam to do a book signing?

Are you interested in ordering bulk copies of any of Sam's books?

Great! Which title(s) and how many copies? (We'll follow up on cost and other details based on this response)

Thanks. We'll make sure to ping you about this with plenty of time before your event.

That gives us a good idea of what you're looking for from Sam. Now, we just need a little more information about your event.

What's the mission of your organization and/or the goal of this event?

Sam's role will be...

Are you bringing Sam in to do something by himself? Or to contribute to something else (e.g., a conference, "Welcome Week," a festival)

Can you tell us more about the event?

On what date(s) is this happening?

Be as specific as possible (date and time if known), but vague is okay as well (e.g., sometime in July)
Where is this happening?

We at least need the City, State/Province/Region, and Country; ideally we'd love the actual address of the event (including building and room)
How many people are you expecting in the audience?

What's your budget for bringing Sam?

The total honorarium / gift you're able to give, think is fair, or want to give
What travel costs are you able to cover or reimburse?

We can discuss specifics later (Sam flies cheap). It's just helpful for us, for planning, to know generally what you're able to help with.

The Catchall: Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Or any answer above you want to explain or contextualize?
Thanks thanks thanks {{answer_q5dtlRwKKwaA}}! We don't respond to all inquiries, but if this seems like something for which Sam would be (1) a great fit and (2) available, he'll reach out to you personally to schedule a phone call to talk details and next steps.
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