We're looking for interns who are passionate about gender, sexuality, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and social justice.
That's me.
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We’re really excited that you’re applying for a SZP internship! Did you have a chance to read the position description? *

No problem! We do ask that you read the position description before moving on though! You can view the position description here!


This application has a number of in-depth questions and you cannot save and come back after you start the application. Did you have a chance to read over and prepare answers to the key questions? *

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A lot of other information that we’d like to know about you is typically found on a resume. Rather than asking you to fill out more boxes, can you please upload your resume here:

Thanks for that! Now let’s get into some questions about the internship.

Why do you want to be The Safe Zone Project intern? *

In what ways might you uniquely contribute to the Safe Zone Project team? *

Why are you passionate about LGBTQ+ education and inclusion? *

Have you ever attended or facilitated a Safe Zone training (or something similar)?* *

Can you tell us a little about your experience?

No problem! It's not a requirement. We appreciate you sharing all that with us, {{answer_WqlJzvwCixOQ}}. Now we’re going to ask about some concrete internship-related things.

Awesome! We appreciate sharing all that with us, {{answer_WqlJzvwCixOQ}}. Now we’re going to ask about some concrete internship-related things.

Do you have consistent access to high-speed internet? *

Are you familiar with the communication app Slack? *

Are you willing to learn how to use Slack? *

Are you familiar with the content management system Wordpress? *

Are you willing to learn how to use Wordpress? *

Are you familiar with the cloud software suite Google Drive? *

Are you willing to learn how to use Google Drive? *

Do you have any of the following skills: graphic design, video editing & post-production, audio editing & post-production, strong writing and/or editing, web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, and/or Javascript), and/or facilitation & training?

Please rate your skill level in each of these areas.

Graphic design

Video editing & post-production

Audio editing & post-production

Strong writing and/or editing skills

Web Development (HTML, CSS, PHP, and/or Javascript)

Facilitation & training

Any other skills you could uniquely contribute to the Safe Zone Project?

Great! More than half way done!

We have a few more questions about what this internship might look like for you specifically and that’s where we’ll go next!

The first thing we're going to ask you about is your Intern Project. This is an important selection criteria for us, so please take time to answer thoughtfully.

We're looking for projects that will meaningfully contribute to the Safe Zone Project goals/mission, are completable in the intern term, and are unique (To you! And your skills!).
What specific project(s) would you like to complete during your time at The Safe Zone Project? Please share what the project would be and the purpose you see it serving. *

If there are specific ways you’d want Meg and Sam to support the project, please include that as well.
The minimum time commitment for the internship is 4 hours a week for the 3 month term. What time commitment are you looking to make to your Safe Zone Project internship? *

Please describe in hours per week.
Are you looking to receive credit from the internship towards school? *

Is there any paperwork you’d need Meg and Sam to fill out for you to receive credit? *

Are there any specific requirements in order for you to receive credit? *

Anything else we should know about in regards to receiving school credit?

Alright! We’ve got a couple more perhaps seemingly random questions for you that are details that we’d like to have all in one place.

What’s your t-shirt size?

Please include if you typically rock women’s/men’s cut and v-neck or crew?
Do you like stickers?

Do you like posters?

What is your favorite type of swag?

What’s your mailing address?

This may be used if we send you physical things in the mail!
How can we best make you feel appreciated?

What is something that you consider to be your superpower?

Is there anything else that you think you’d like us to know about you, that we haven’t asked you about yet?

Woohoo! You made it. Thanks so much for completing the application. You’ll hear back from us via email prior to the start of the internship term. Thanks again for your interest!
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